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I'm the second FlashGamers

2007-08-10 11:53:14 by FlashGamers

Hi, everybody my real name is Chandler. I'm the second FlashGamers me and my friend made this account so we could use it together and send in flash movies together! But the first FlashGamers wanted to make a new account so he did. His new account is HellBentGoose just in case you've seen some of the FlashGamers work and wanted to see more check out his profile instead of mine! But if you want to talk to me or HellBentGoose just send me a PM and we can become friends!

Here's a link to the website:

Incase you don't see the link to the left hand side of my userpage, then click below to go to it:
The website is called FlashGamers, incase you want to know. It has information about the first FlasheGamers and Bio on there, and RcR sprite series, and flash movies. Hope you enjoy it!


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2008-06-25 19:37:16

Dude, can't wait to see your work; you'll be great dude!

I just want to see you doing some Stick Fight movies, cause they're tight.
Peace homeboy


2008-06-25 19:38:20

sorry for the second comment, but where'd you get that background in your banner..? I love it! I want to use it in one of my flashes dude!


2008-06-26 20:32:12 /444288 - Luigi in 60 Seconds


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